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I've always said that Kindness is Contagious. The smallest act of human kindness has the power to change another human being’s life. Forever.

It could be as simple as a smile to the kid no one smiles at or holding the door for the girl who smells.

Or as big as standing up for the bullied kid or inviting the loner to sit with you at lunch.

No matter big or small, kindness has the power to save lives. Try it out. You'll feel ignited inside.

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Watch K. M. Walton's TEDx Youth Day presentation on THE POWER OF HUMAN KINDNESS right HERE.

K.M. Walton gives presentations and runs Writing Workshops focused on tackling bullying with the power of human kindness.

Unfortunately, empathy doesn't come naturally for many children. Oftentimes children must be explicitly taught to think of others, to be kind and compassionate. The teachable moments must be seized. How?

Let award winning young adult author and anti-bullying expert K. M. Walton seize those moments with your students. K. M. shows audiences what compassion looks and sounds like. She shares personal and touching stories as well as highly effective anti-bullying techniques.

The ultimate goal of K. M. Walton’s presentation—THE POWER OF HUMAN KINDNESS—is to highlight the positive side of making an impact. Students will walk away with a new way of looking at each other. Instead of seeing the labels, she challenges them to see the human beings.

K.M. Walton has worked with thousands of middle and high school students and would be honored to come to YOUR school! She also presents at conferences (panel discussions, workshops, keynote speeches). Visit the GET K.M. drawer for complete information, event photos, and recommendations.

To schedule a speaking event with K. M. Walton, please contact:
Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau
Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau
Phone: (866) 248-3049
Email: info@simonspeakers.com

K. M. Walton spent over a decade as a teacher. During her years educating, she developed some groundbreaking and highly effective methods to help curb bullying. Here are some articles in which she was asked to weigh in as an anti-bullying expert:

The Only Thing More Expensive Than Kids Is Kids Who Are Bullies
In a Wisconsin town, under a new anti-bullying law, parents can get fined if their kid is the school bully. By: Suzi Parker
June 4, 2013

Expert Bullying Prevention Tips from Author and Teacher Kate Walton
By: Nicole Etolen
October 14, 2013
Our Family World

5 Traits that Put Child at Risk for Social Exclusion
Wondering why nobody wants to be your child’s friend? This is called social exclusion, but it can also come with ridicule and hostile behavior.
December 24, 2014

How Teachers Can Tell a “Nice” Kid is Really a Bully
Yes, that kid who politely greets you and leaves an apple on your desk can also be one of your school’s meanest bullies.
December 24, 2014

“Help! My Child’s School Principal Is the Bully!”
Bullies come in all ages and professions, including that of the school principal.
December 24, 2014

“Nobody Wants to Be My Child’s Friend: What Should I Do?”
An expert gives advice on what parents should do and NEVER do upon realizing that their child suffers from social exclusion or that “nobody likes” him or her.
December 24, 2014